The purchase of Prue M4 was an Australasian female record for all breeds, and an Australasian record for all Angus cattle at $190.000.

For Brooklana, it was a no brainer, Millah Murrah has topped the averages at their bull sales for Australia, year after year. You can only achieve this if your bulls consistently perform for your customer base. Behind the bulls that they produce is, in our opinion, THE cow herd of Australasia.

Millah Murrah Prue M4 is, to quote the stud principal, Ross Thompson, probably the best female he has ever bred. So why not, buy the best female, from the best cow herd? Prue should comfortably produce 10 – 15 live calves every year, we could try for a lot more, however, her health is paramount for us, we want her to experience the joy of raising her own calf, every year.