Scientific research is only ever adopted as fact, once trials in the field have confirmed the desired outcomes. Breeding cattle is no different, bulls that appear to provide the outcomes sought, can only be confirmed as doing so, once there are sufficient progeny on the ground to confirm the desired outcomes. In our opinion, throughout all breeds, the number of outstanding sires is limited. The selection of sires within our Brooklana stud is only decided upon following extensive research. The most successful Angus studs throughout Australia, comprise of a genetic base that has similarities. In our opinion not only is it important to identify these proven sires, but how they work together, in a breeding strategy, invariably makes the difference.

Having a major influence at Brooklana over the past 8 years have been:

Spickler Chisum 255

7 Chisum sons averaged in excess of $31,000 at the 2020 Millah Murrah Bull Sale, an Australian record. Chisum was the recommended sire to flush our $190,000 MM Prue M4 to, following our purchase, thankyou Ross, a great piece of advice. Well proven, Chisum works over many different types of female.

Brooklana Chisum Q20

The genetic powerhouse with frame and figures to match.
Q20 is a rare individual, his dam Millah Murrah Prue M4 is the record priced Angus in Australasia at $190,000. His sire, Spickler Chisum 255 set the scene alight at the 2020 Millah Murrah bull sale with 7 sons averaging $31,400, the highest average ever recorded. Q20 is set to take his place in the Angus world as a unique specimen. Maternally faultless, structurally correct, genetically outstanding, EBVs impressive. Top 1% for RBY, top 3% for GL, top 9% for CWT, top 10% for 200 day weight, top 12% for EMA, top 13% NFI-F, top 13% for DOM, top 15% for GRS, top 17% for 400.
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Brooklana Chisum Q24

Flower N30 has produced only 1 other son, Millah Murrah Quartz Q29, 2nd highest selling bull at the 2020 Millah Murrah sale at $42000. Q24 out of N30 by Chisum has eye catching paddock presence with outstanding muscle expression. Smooth skinned, short hair, a sire that is set to take any breeding operation to the next level. Raw data EMA at 128 sq cm is the highest in his contemporary group.
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Brooklana Capitalist Q25

There is a lot to like about this bull, so much so that we selected him as our follow up bull over our Prue M4 and other embryo bred heifers.
LD Capitalist 316 is the most popular bull used in Australia in the past 2 years, his progeny are sought after throughout breeding operations, Australia wide. Q25’s dam is another outstanding Millah Murrah cow, having both BT Right Time 24J and TeMania Emperor in her pedigree. Another curve bending heifer bull, calving ease on the right side of the graph with outstanding growth, top 1% for Carcase Weight. His raw data of 45 cm for scrotal and 124 for EMA has him near the top for his contemporaries, whilst his weight gain peaked at 2.91 kgs per day, on grass alone to top the group.
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Sydgen Enhance

The only sire in the past 2 years, out of the top 50 most popular, in Australia ,with above average EBVs for both NFI-F and IMF. Standout progeny performance overseas and within Australia, the most popular sire used in America in 2020. He works pretty well for us, complimenting areas within EBVs where we could benefit from a lift and reinforcing where we are already strong.

Brooklana Infinity P10

Our top selling sire at our 2020 bull sale, his dam Brooklana Dream H24, is also the dam of Brooklana Emperor L29 and granddam of Brooklana Emperor Q23. Infinity P10 has flush sisters in our herd, also cows in calf to him. Quiet as a kitten, soft, shiny, smooth skinned, he typifies where we want to go with our breeding, his dam undoubtedly having a significant influence.

Brooklana Emperor L29

This sire is a reflection of where we are headed. Phenotypically he is incredibly eye-catching. His EBVs sit at the top end and is the result of a pedigree joining of Te Mania Emperor and the Dream genetics, bolstered by the inclusion of BT Right Time 24J. Already L29 is producing outstanding progeny.

Te Mania Infinity

Passed away in 2010, at which point he was the most popular sire used in Australasia, a trait leader for IMF. We saw Infinity just before he died and decided he was definitely on our radar. He died with little semen left, so we purchased what we could. In our opinion, a classic maternal sire, beautiful, deep bodied, really quiet progeny, blended with our Dream genetics has been very successful. His genes will sit in our pedigrees, underpinning all that the Angus breed offers.

Te Mania Emperor E343

Sire of the outstanding ASBP Cohort 6 member Brooklana TM Emperor J64, and also sire of Brooklana Hi Tower H64 another Cohort 6 member. Emperor is one of the most popular sires amongst registered Angus breeders.

Brooklana Dream H29

Another Cohort 6 ASBP member, sired by BT Right Time 24J out of a Vermont Dream Y301 descendant. BT Right Time 24J is considered to be the ultimate cow maker by a percentage of leading Angus breeders. With an EBV for EMA in the top 5% and the highest EBV for NFI-P of all Cohort 6 members, H29 is making a valuable contribution to Brooklana.

BT Right Time 24J