In 2010, The Vermont Angus Stud located at Hamilton, Victoria, had a complete dispersal.

Apart from creating a record gross amount, Vermont had over the years put together an enviable collection of Angus females. This dispersal offered an opportunity for Brooklana Angus to become a reality. Cows and embryos from targeted cow families were purchased, including Lowan, Dream and Champagne.

In 2011, Brooklana Angus purchased 72 young females from the Medlyn Stud, at Lismore in Northern NSW. This stud had been established from The Basin Angus in South Australia, a stud which again had a highly reputable herd of Angus Stud cows.

With an early background in bovine genetics, our Stud Principal, Rodger Pryce, has been able to create a gene pool which is at the leading edge of today’s elite Angus genetics.


Brooklana Angus receives an average rainfall of 3 metres. If cattle are going to breakdown in their feet, they’ll do it here. Because of our rainfall, growing pastures that are nutritious, can be difficult.

We are conscious of our localised environment, a true escarpment location, close to the coast, bordering the World Heritage listed, Dorrigo National Park. Chemically derived fertilisers ceased to be used some 6 years ago, replaced by organically acceptable products, together with chicken and turkey litter, pasture species have been changed to a chicory/plantain/clover base, with minimum rye grass.

We are what we eat, so are our livestock, their health and subsequent weight gains have changed dramatically, as a result of changes to our property management protocols. Our calves’ coats used to have a brown tinge, now they are truly black and shiny.


Three of our sires were selected into the ASBP Cohorts 6 programme. Progeny from Brooklana TM Emperor J64, rank 1st from the 41 sires in the programme for 400-day weight gain and 4th for 200-day weight gain. His EBV for gestation length is -8.6 days, placing him in the top 5%.

Brooklana Dream H29 has the most favourable EBV for pasture based, food conversion out of all other sires in Cohorts 6, whilst the third member, Brooklana Hi Tower H64 has EBVs in the top 5% for 200 and 400-day weight gains.

Brooklana Hi Tower H64 excelled in the show ring, being Supreme Beef Exhibit at the Bellingen Show for 2 consecutive years. Hi Tower has been used extensively on The New England when he was sold and has produced over 100 progeny. With a balanced set of EBVs, Hi Tower has left his mark as a sire of note.

Cohorts 7 member, Brooklana Reality K57, is the highest ranked of all Matauri Reality progeny for 400-day weight, he is also the only member of cohorts 7 sires ranked in the top 10 for low birthweight and whose progeny rank in the top 10 for 200-day weight. All other sires if they rank high in growth, rank outside the top 10 for calving ease. A calving ease sire with high growth. K57 Sold for $22,000 to overseas interests. His progeny at Brooklana show great promise.