Lot 1

Tag 41: Daughter of Prime Katapault K1, record selling bull for Prime Angus. Tag 41 is preg tested in calf to Brooklana Chisum 24, lot 1 in our Elite bull sale, check him out. Tag 41 is the only commercial heifer to be PTIC to this sire, if she has a bull, keep him.

Tag 76: Daughter of Angus Australia trait leader for growth, Brooklana Emperor J64, he has eye catching EBVs. PTIC to it appears Brooklana Capitalist Q48, calving ease and growth on both sides of the pedigree.

Tag 92: Sire L29 is the same sire as lot 3 in our Elite bull sale, PTIC it appears to Brooklana Infinity P10, top selling bull at our 2020 sale. Calf will have a double up of the Dream family, maternally unbeatable.

Tag 115: Same sire as Tag 76, so growth and short gestation length, again appears PTIC to P10, so a great blend of top shelf genetics, calves should be extremely good.