Brooklana Chisum Q20

SIRE: Spickler Chisum 255

DAM: Millah Murrah Prue M4

LOT: 5


The genetic powerhouse with frame and figures to match.

Q20 is a rare individual, his dam Millah Murrah Prue M4 is the record priced Angus in Australasia at $190,000. His sire, Spickler Chisum 255 set the scene alight at the 2020 Millah Murrah bull sale with 7 sons averaging $31,400, the highest average ever recorded. Q20 is set to take his place in the Angus world as a unique specimen. Maternally faultless, structurally correct, genetically outstanding, EBVs impressive. Top 1% for RBY, top 3% for GL, top 9% for CWT, top 10% for 200 day weight, top 12% for EMA, top 13% NFI-F, top 13% for DOM, top 15% for GRS, top 17% for 400.

The female equivalent of this mating. is Brooklana Prue M3. To quote Bill Cornell, Beef General Manager, ABS Australia “Seeing this heifer was for me, probably the highlight of 2020”. Check out her photo.